Vacation Anyone?

It’s getting colder outside, maybe not in Arizona, but in the rest of the states! This is the time when people start dreaming about a vacation to somewhere tropical. I know because I used to do the same before we moved to Arizona 4 years ago.

What do most women do before we embark on a vacation? Shop! Yes we go out and find a few fabulous outfits or a few new pieces to add to our wardrobe. The designers put out some gorgeous “Resort” wear every year, so I thought I would share some of what has inspired me. I may live in Arizona and yes it’s beautiful this time of year, but I love the beach, the warm tropical beaches, so of course I am also dreaming of a tropical vacation too! 🙂

VC1 VC2 VC10 VC8 VC7 VC9 VC11 VC24VC23VC22 VC16 VC3 VC15 VC12 VC21 VC19 VC4 Woman in straw hat sitting on pier

“When all else fails, take a vacation.”
― Betty Williams

8 thoughts on “Vacation Anyone?

  1. You’d rock any of these,, Raina! JJ, are you listening?
    I’m thinking the pink top would go with my lifestyle in Florida. Where did you find these? They’re all amazing!

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  2. Raina….you would look fabulous in any of these! but especially the short white dress…stunning. but…don’t splurge on that last hat. 🙂
    i need some clothes like these for my visits to Phoenix…La Pine clothes just don’t make it down there.

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