Fun Ways to Burn 100 Calories!

Burning calories! Most of us are trying to find ways to be healthy right! I know I am! So today I am teaming up with Chobani to share their 12 fun ways to burn 100 calories!

Besides being active, eating the right kinds of food is essential. Some studies show that it’s the 80/20 rule that affects your health. It’s “80% of what you put in your body and 20% of what you do with your body.” My husband and I make sure we are taking in optimum nutrients every day. Breakfast for us is an IsaLean Meal Replacement Protein Shake. We love Chobani yogurt for a snack mid morning. Lunch is usually a shake or a IsaLean Protein Bar. Dinner I try to stick to a 400-600 calorie meal.

Here are Chobani’s fun ways to burn 100 calories. You’re probably already doing some of these and didn’t even think about the calories you are burning.


A healthy outside starts from the inside.” –Β Robert Urich