What we do for our children

Today I will start a road trip from Oregon to Arizona. Why? To my surprise, my darling parents bought our daughter Camille a car for her High school graduation present. Awesome gift by the way! Camille is over the moon about it. It’s a car she has always wanted. Yet there was one problem, how to get the car from Eugene, Oregon to Scottsdale, Arizona. My husband is locked in with work right now and I was not going to let my Dad to drive it down. So you know what that means? Mom’s got to do it! Camille planned on joining me on the trip but she recently started her first job and could not get the time off.

When you have children there are times you have to make sacrifices. You put aside your own comfort for theirs. You feed them before you feed yourself; you make sure they have what they need before you, right! This is one of those self-sacrificing moments for me. Don’t get me wrong I like road trips, but I did this road trip last summer with my family. Once that trip was over I said I was not going to do it ever, ever, ever again. Yikes I spoke too soon! However I am definitely going to do this road trip differently. I am taking my time. No driving like a mad-woman to get home in a day or two even. No worries, I am not taking this trip alone. My dear younger sister Tara, a mother herself, is sacrificing for me and well for my daughter too. Who does that? Who just offers to take a 20 hour road trip to drive a car to another state? Then hop on a plane the next day to go back home? I will tell you! My sister, she is a giver, actually both my sisters are. I have two wonderful sisters. They both are self-sacrificing.

So my sister & I are headed out to the open road, we are determined to make this a fun, relaxed trip. We will see some sites & family along the way. You can read all about our trip next week on my blog. For now I will be singing Willie Nelson’s song “On the Road again”


7 thoughts on “What we do for our children

  1. What a great gift! And you’re the first to drive that cute little bug!! Be safe and enjoy the ride with you and your sister and of course, Willie!!


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