Reuniting family

My family met up in Aspen, CO this past week for a family reunion. What a beautiful place to share with your family. We hiked, worked out, went to a rodeo, played tennis, rode horses, swam, cooked together and ate together. We truly enjoyed each others company. Family moments are so precious. It’s nice that we can capture them on photos. However, nothing can take the place of the personal time together. Cherish every moment with your family. You never know what the next day holds.

Here are some highlights from our family reunion trip. Enjoy!

Hiking Sunnyside Trail, 9.4 miles today!
Birden Family at the Grotto
IMG_8902 Edited
My siblings & I at the Grottos Trail
Four of our children at the summit of Independence Pass which marks the Continental Divide
Aspen Rodeo
Three of our children horseback riding.
Fun time playing tennis with my girlfriend & two of our children
Dinner time with the family
My dad with his three daughters!
JJ & Tearale hanging out on the patio
photo 1
My brother and our three boys in the ice caves at the Grottos
photo 3
Sisters working out together. Our trainer Dawn was tough!
photo 4-1
Near the end of our 9.4 mile hike. Fun group!
photo 4
Hiking with my siblings.
My son, brother and father sporting jean shirts to the Rodeo
Swim time!
Our beautiful view of Aspen from my sisters house.


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