Oregon Football Fashion

As women we typically talk about fashion in the sense of what we love to wear, what is trending and what’s on the runway. But I thought I would talk about fashion in a different area, the Football arena!

I have to admit that I love the Oregon Duck Football uniforms, Nike has really outdone themselves. Being that my husband JJ Birden played football for the Ducks and I spent my college years there, we are partial to the Oregon Ducks.

 Tonights game uniform is especially close to our hearts with the Ducks supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month. Here is a glimpse of the fabulous uniform they will be wearing tonight! I have also included some of the other really cool uniforms the team have worn throughout the football seasons.

We love our Ducks! Who is your favorite college football team?

Oregon pink uniform oregon-ducks-black-pink-breast-cancer-awareness-uniforms nike-football-university-of-oregon-ducks-white-vapor-uniform-03 nike-oregon-ducks-2011-pro-combat-system-of-dress-uniforms-18 ed4ea29d61a6f15f4b53a14c6e32b9f1 00ba4a66ef3353b3bef8657f2f00d5ca Screen-shot-2013-09-17-at-10.10.00- datoregon-ducks-black-nike-mach-speed-uniforms oregon-ducks-white-nike-mach-speed-uniforms-1

“What is a more visible way to turn up the heat and create personality, than through the football uniforms? -Famous Nike Designer Tinker Hatfield

“Push style to the extreme, and it becomes substance.” – UCLA Professor Richard Lanham


Fall Fashions

I am looking forward to Fall weather and the beautiful fashions that go along with the cooler weather. I live in Arizona, so Fall weather is not going to be here for a while! But we are traveling to Paris in October on a wonderful trip we earned with our company, so I will be able to wear Fall Fashions there! I can’t imagine a more fabulous place to bundle up! I am so excited about our trip, I will definitely share Paris in a future blog.

I have to admit I love black, and I have read that it is very Parisian! So you will see quite a few Fall Fashions on my blog today in black. 🙂 I hope these photos inspire you for your Fall wardrobe as much as they have me! Pinterest is a great place to find different ideas for everything and today its Fashion for me! Enjoy!

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ee2c702569e60eef9a218d9dabf98612 71843641c260e9d42808f7477958eec8 a749f8a8238fa8d2cb9c630835dd87e7 de7f8d96934f6ac4fbe8f7b3bfc52d44 139016cc7db3780cd911d2a9c5348192 932775d218c00a5f06fe26c0c9acff87 d6dbc9951073d2c9fd4a61ec27a3e7a3 0ef990e730d62f32651561c733a03bef“Fashion changes, but style endures.” 
― Coco Chanel