Oregon Football Fashion

As women we typically talk about fashion in the sense of what we love to wear, what is trending and what’s on the runway. But I thought I would talk about fashion in a different area, the Football arena!

I have to admit that I love the Oregon Duck Football uniforms, Nike has really outdone themselves. Being that my husband JJ Birden played football for the Ducks and I spent my college years there, we are partial to the Oregon Ducks.

 Tonights game uniform is especially close to our hearts with the Ducks supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month. Here is a glimpse of the fabulous uniform they will be wearing tonight! I have also included some of the other really cool uniforms the team have worn throughout the football seasons.

We love our Ducks! Who is your favorite college football team?

Oregon pink uniform oregon-ducks-black-pink-breast-cancer-awareness-uniforms nike-football-university-of-oregon-ducks-white-vapor-uniform-03 nike-oregon-ducks-2011-pro-combat-system-of-dress-uniforms-18 ed4ea29d61a6f15f4b53a14c6e32b9f1 00ba4a66ef3353b3bef8657f2f00d5ca Screen-shot-2013-09-17-at-10.10.00- datoregon-ducks-black-nike-mach-speed-uniforms oregon-ducks-white-nike-mach-speed-uniforms-1

“What is a more visible way to turn up the heat and create personality, than through the football uniforms? -Famous Nike Designer Tinker Hatfield

“Push style to the extreme, and it becomes substance.” – UCLA Professor Richard Lanham


4 thoughts on “Oregon Football Fashion

  1. no one could be intimidated by a duck….unless said duck is dressed like these dudes! wow…love all the uniforms!! I was a Colorado buffalo but long ago changed my football affiliation to Oregon. Pro? If Joe Montana was there I loved the team…haven’t followed it since then… my loss?

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